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Kraft paper tape

Kraft paper, kraft paper tape is self-adhesive lamination to the substrate, coated with acrylic adhesive or glue made from natural rubber, with a waterproof, adhesive strength, high tensile strength, good holding power, not Alice, stable weather resistance. [1]
Wet water kraft paper tape kraft paper as the substrate is coated adhesive made from starch of edible plants, produce sticky after over water, with environmental pollution, recyclable resources, anti-unpacking, high viscosity is not warped, long shelf life under long-term effective viscosity to ensure that no moisture conditions.
Printing kraft paper tape
Kraft paper tape classified as water-free kraft paper tape, high temperature kraft paper tape, kraft paper tape wet water, white kraft paper tape, kraft paper tape, and so layered. Wet water kraft paper tape can be used for printing. Water-free kraft paper tape with high strength kraft paper for the substrate, coated with thermal glue together. Wet water kraft paper tape with kraft paper substrate to a modified starch as a binder made of. Before stickiness aftershave wet water, which can be written with the characteristics of the kraft paper. Applicable to the export or covered cardboard carton sealing handwriting.