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Custom logo product

Marking tape is special polypropylene film (BOPP) for the substrate, coated with acrylic glue made transparent, beige and various color (red, blue, green, yellow, etc.), printed text, graphics, trademarks and so on. Currently printing sealing tape is an affordable cost of packing tape sealing plastic on a common printed on trademarks, product names, logos, and other warnings. Can enhance their visibility or security role, has become the mainstream of packaging.

Custom tape marking tape process:
A: The buyer must provide customized specifications tape size (tape width and length as the standard, non-standard argument flesh), the number of volumes required number of customized printing several colors, belt use requirements.
Two: the buyer to provide printing proofs or vector files, we typesetting design, design until after the completion of the purchaser to confirm finalized. Printing LOGO signed confirmation.
Third, the purchaser paid version costs, supply-side arrangement hardcopy child sculpture.
Four: normal duration of 10-15 days after confirmation LOGO.
MOQ: Due to the special nature of marking tape, so the MOQ is 2000 square feet, for example: to make a width of 4.8cm length 100m specifications, to do at least one time about 410 volumes, about 10 boxes. Price is based on custom tape to the number, the more you do the more appropriate price.
Initial production costs: Cost = Actual product prices * Price + plate fee
The plate is divided into monochrome, color, multicolor. Each color need to create a version of the child. Once manufactured, lifetime use. Turn one free.