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BOPP aluminum adhesive tape film

Brief introduction of BOPP aluminized tape film:

?? BOPP film is a composite flexible packaging materials in the coating on the plastic film surface of a thin layer of metal aluminum and formed by a special process. Adopting vacuum aluminium plating method, the aluminum vapor deposition piled into the plastic film on the surface, so that the plastic film surface with metallic luster. ?
Product type: Aluminum adhesive tape film.
Corona surface identification: single-sided or double-sided corona treatment, the finished film main corona surface are the inner surface.
Product specifications: thickness width to length 15-60 m400-1700mm3000-8000m
* if you have special requirements, can be further deliberated.
L aluminum layer adhesion can reach 2 or above;
L has the characteristics of plastic film;
Metallic luster L has excellent and good reflection;
L has excellent gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, shading and retention of aroma;
L aluminized coating has good conductivity, can eliminate the static effect, good sealing performance.
The typical property index of the product:?
Unit testing method of numerical thickness tensile strength of 6672 Mu M27 GB/T? MDGB/T? 1040.3MPa134? TD282? /N/15mm3.36 aluminum layer adhesion quantity of oxygen through /Cm3/ (M2 24h 0.1Mpa) GB/T 14216mN/m38 83.48 wetting tension?
* if you have special requirements, can be further deliberated.
Product applications because it not only has the characteristics of plastic film, and has the properties of metals, is a cheap and beautiful appearance, excellent performance, practical packaging materials. Coated with acrylic water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, made into aluminum tape, aluminum foil tape can partly substitute.
Other important information
1 packaging: plastic cover or pallets?;
2 be careful handling, protect the roll body and surface;
3, avoid direct sunlight, rain, store in a cool, dry place.