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bopp tape 2.8cm wide and 4.5cm thick flesh

Instantaneous adhesive power - sealing tape that is sticky that prison.
Fixed ability - even if only a small pressure, but also according to cement your thoughts on the workpiece.
Easy to tear off - easily torn from the reel, instead of a belt stretching and drag phenomenon?.
Controlled expansion - sealing tape can be controlled in a way to pull away from the reel, neither too loose nor too tight.
Flexibility - sealing tape can easily adapt to rapid change in the shape of the curve.
Thin - sealing tape with a thick edge will not leave deposits.
Smoothness - sealing tape feels very smooth and will not irritate the hand when the hand is pressed.
Antimetastatic - after sealing tape removability without leaving adhesive.
Anti-solvent - sealing tape backing material for blocking solvent penetration.
Chipping - sealing tape does not appear lobes.
Anti-retraction - sealing tape can stretch along the curved surfaces and will not appear disengaged retraction phenomenon.
Peel - Paint will firmly fixed on the sealing tape backing material. ?