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Scotch tape is what material

Scotch tape we are familiar, and in the office and home were often need to use transparent tape, transparent tape is made of what material? We have a common material BOPP, PE, PVC these three materials.
Mainly for the production of BOPP sealing tape, transparent tape raw materials, the use of transparent tape BOPP material made with high strength, good transparency, oxygen, nitrogen, good barrier properties, low temperature, low specific gravity, etc., by the majority of users Welcome.
2, PE
Using different types and concentrations of the catalyst, changing the catalyst component ratio and the polymerization temperature, can be obtained with different properties of high density polyethylene (PE) resin. Also based on user needs, after processing of different plastics additives added to prepare different pellets purposes.
3, PVC
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of five general-purpose plastics, currently in its production sites around the world, second only polyethylene, ranking second. PVC resin having relatively strong polarity and plasticity has good processing properties, can be produced from soft to hard properties of the various products.
And because it has good mechanical properties, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and flame resistance, can be widely used in plastic pipes, plastic windows and doors, vinyl plastic, sheet, film, leather, wire and cable and packaging materials, is a low power, low cost, versatile plastic. Therefore, it is still faster pace of development in each country.