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Common specifications of transparent tape on the market have

Scotch tape can often be seen in the market, we can use it to stick things in various parts of family life, office and industry has its place. But China net tape to remind you it can not be transparent tape insulation tape them to use, it is only suitable for carton pasting purposes. We've seen a variety of transparent tape, then the common market, transparent tape specifications have?
Scotch tape on the market size is too much, there is a big small, there are a variety of colors. Each has its own special specifications, such as stationery on it with the kind of minimum specifications, sealing carton size would need to select the relative size of transparent tape.
Scotch tape manufacturers specifications at the time of production have been identified, in the parent roll cut tape made according to the size of the required specifications, and finally appear transparent tape on this market with different specifications.