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Uses and Features BOPP large coating machine

Uses and Features BOPP large coating machine
1, this coating machine is widely used in BOPP coating applications.
2, the tape device itself to adapt to a wide range, but also for a variety of professionally designed according to the nature of the substrate, flexible and convenient to operate.
3, coating machine can perform multi-stage temperature control, adjustments can be made in different forms according to process requirements.
4. The degree of automation BOPP large coating machine is very high, you can use more than one machine.
5, it also has a feature that can automatically collect and release of membrane, and can not stop rolling of membrane and non-stop set length, which is its unique characteristics.
BOPP large volume coating machine itself is very large, generally applies to the use of the size of Adhesive Tape, Adhesive Tape or small coating machine for small to meet the various needs.